Service Agreement

Full Network Uptime Guarantee

Jego offers uptime guarantees based on network and node hosts. In general, these guarantees are provided as a supplement to the Terms of Service. When you become a Jego customer, these terms automatically come into effect and become an integral part of Jego's entire service life cycle.

These guarantees apply to each of your products and services, not to all bills. The following conditions do not apply to this SLA.

  1. For the normal routine maintenance of the Services you have purchased, we will notify you in advance and notify adjustments to traffic policies and DNS policies to temporarily migrate your Services to the parts that work. However, delays in adjustments caused by your Internet Service Provider are not applicable.
  2. APIs, control panels and trunk servers, router plug-ins, etc. provided by Jego.
  3. The customer has been informed prior to purchase that the service is not covered by the SLA.

Packet Loss and Delay

Jego proactively monitors the lines conditions at each of Jego's connection points and adjusts network strategy as much as possible to minimize the impact of network fluctuations as they occur. the Jego's global acceleration network has 0% packet loss and low latency lines within its own locale, but when customers are connected to the network in their own country, they may be affected by cable Quality, carrier routing strategy, subscriber broadband usage and other factors cause packet loss and high latency. In this case, we offer the Jego Global Optimized Network, which provides more stable and low-latency connections to our subscribers via backbone and CN2 trunks, as an optional item with the SLA guarantee.

The purpose of the relay nodes provided by Jego is to break through network censorship and establish a fast connection to the target server, so the acceleration strategy is more inclined to use China Telecom's backbone network access (ChinaNet Backbone) with large bandwidth and medium connection quality; the goal of some high-quality lines is to establish as low latency and high stability as possible. so the acceleration strategy favors medium connection speed and high connection quality for the China Telecom CN2 network and country-specific direct connect optimized lines. Different SLA levels apply to different services.


This uptime guarantee only applies if the user is using the services provided by the Jego normally. This SLA does not apply to users on private lines who have a higher level of control over their connection point and choose to use a higher level of TCP acceleration that may cause instability. This SLA will no longer apply if a user uses the Jego Accelerated Network to engage in behavior that violates the laws, regulations of the user and connection point region and the Jego Terms of Service.

When Jego performs routine maintenance on connection point software and hardware, we will notify the user 24 hours in advance. and for urgent issues, Jego will take care of them within 10-30 minutes and ensure a working connection point for users to use. All connection points should not be maintained for more than 24 hours, otherwise Jego users will be compensated for Jego "Compensatory Time".


Jego is a fast, free, secure, and stable browser extension for scientific internet access that helps users break through internet censorship and access foreign websites and applications. With Jego, users can easily access blocked websites and applications in various fields such as social networking, entertainment, academics, news, e-commerce, gaming, video, and music to obtain more comprehensive information and resources, and improve work and study efficiency and quality.