Terms of Service

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These Terms of Service are binding on all products and services provided by Jego. The following are the terms and conditions:

The parties referred to in this Agreement are defined as follows:

  1. Whenever the first person pronouns (Jego, we, us, etc.) are used in this Agreement, they refer to Jego. In addition, when the "website" or "this website site" is used, it refers to any website provided by Jego, unless a site is expressly exempted by this policy.
  2. You, Jego Customer - As our customer or user of the Web Services, this Agreement may be replaced by any second person pronouns instead.

Please read the Hosting Service Terms and Conditions below. By subscribing to the Jego Service, you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement (Agreement). You should print or save this Agreement as a copy that can be referenced in the future. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions, do not purchase Jego's products and services, Jego will only provide you with services after you agree to this Agreement. This agreement is signed under the permission of global and domestic commercial laws. By using any of the services provided by Jego, you are deemed to be aware of and agree to the following terms of service.

Common Terms

While this agreement represents the primary terms of use, other guidelines and rules are incorporated herein by reference. These documents, which can be found on our website, contain:


1.1    Each account has a unique port and configuration information, which will be opened automatically after purchase.

1.2    If individual client requires payment, the user must purchase the client by himself/herself.

1.3    We reserve the right to refuse any instruction or teaching on the client.

1.4    Some sites are audited for anti-Chinese forces such as Falun Gong and child pornography.

1.5    No guarantee of stream unlocking, but we will do our best.

1.6    Refund requests are not accepted with any conditions.

1.7    All services protect your rights based on SLA agreements.

2.Resource & Security

2.1     Security: Any violation of the Site's security/services is prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. You agree not to violate or attempt to alter or manipulate hardware and software, endanger the servers, or any other unauthorized use by such activities. You are prohibited from engaging in:

  1. Any form of unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including websites/services.
  2. Unauthorized interference with any user's service, host or network.
  3. Malicious programs are introduced into networks or servers (such as viruses and worms), including Website/Services.
  4. Circumvent any host, network or account security authentication
  5. Use our Services to compromise security of other websites.
  6. Distribute illegal information.
  7. Engage in illegal transactions.

We do not actively detect content used by end users on our Services, although we may, in our sole discretion, use technical means to monitor our customers' use of the Services on our network and disclose any necessary information about your account if required to do so by law, regulation, or governmental organization. We will investigate complaints of violations of third party rights or violations of acceptable use policies. We will attempt to reduce the abuse of our Services. We will have the right to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and reserve the right to notify such agencies, if they suspect that you and your end users are engaging in activities that violate the laws, regulations, and policies of the jurisdictions in which you and your server are located. All terms contained in this section are intended to grant rights to third parties, but no third party has the right to enforce any term of this Agreement.

2.2     Traffic Usage: Your monthly traffic is determined by your purchase of certain services. If your traffic usage exceeds the monthly limit, it will be restricted and resumed the following month. Unused traffic is not carried forward to the next month's traffic.

2.3     Fair Usage Policy: We offer specific services and our Virtual Private Servers to our customers. Normal, fair and reasonable usage are defined throughout any given billing cycle or traffic package. We expect users to use each service as described. We may take action to mitigate negative consequences if, in our judgment, a user is using the Services unreasonably. Unfair use includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Sublicense, resale, or share accounts or services.
  2. Use various types of P2P and BT to download pirated resources.
  3. Use a web crawler or scan and send packages.
  4. Send SPAM.

3.No Spam

3.1    The SPAM on the Jego network is strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to terminate your service at any time if you and your end users are using SPAM on the Jego network.

3.2    Jego posts the revised policy on the website and reserves the right to modify the anti-spam policy at any time. You agree to periodically visit the Jego website and review the latest Anti-Spam Policy, and your continued use of the Jego Services after any Anti-Spam Policy change logs constitutes your acceptance of the new Anti-Spam Policy and you will be bound by it. If an end user's actions violate the Terms of Service or the Anti-Spam Policy, Jego will have the right to suspend your access to the Service at any time.

4.Price Changes

The services you pay for will not change price for a certain period of time. We reserve the right to change the price of Jego's services at any time, without notice, and to modify the number of resources provided to our users.

5.Revision of User Agreement

This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions applicable to your use of the Jego Services (as defined below).Jego may modify the terms of this Agreement, including the Fees (as defined below), at any time.

5.1    We may modify this Agreement from time to time. You agree that we reserve the right to do so. You agree that we have the unilateral right to do so. The updated version will replace any previous version immediately upon posting, and the previous version will be of no further legal effect unless the revised version is consistent with the previous version. Any third party revision of this Agreement are deemed invalid.

5.2    If you do not review this Agreement on a regular basis, it is your sole responsibility for ignoring any changes to this Agreement. You have the right to review this revised version at any time. Due to your own neglect of viewing, Jego does not take any responsibility.


Jego is a fast, free, secure, and stable browser extension for scientific internet access that helps users break through internet censorship and access foreign websites and applications. With Jego, users can easily access blocked websites and applications in various fields such as social networking, entertainment, academics, news, e-commerce, gaming, video, and music to obtain more comprehensive information and resources, and improve work and study efficiency and quality.