A free, efficient, and secure VPN, enhancing cross-border access and work/study efficiency.

Stable performance

Jego is a fast, free, secure, and stable browser extension for scientific internet access that helps users break through internet censorship and access foreign websites and applications. With Jego, users can easily access blocked websites and applications in various fields such as social networking, entertainment, academics, news, e-commerce, gaming, video, and music to obtain more comprehensive information and resources, and improve work and study efficiency and quality.

Seamless Cross-border Access

Jego provides faster access and higher stability for seamless cross-border browsing. With Jego, users can enjoy the enhanced online experience with the assurance of privacy and security. Jego is also incredibly user-friendly, with a simple download of just over 100KB, followed by an easy installation and immediate use.

Improve work and study efficiency

With Jego, students and researchers can easily access academic resources and research databases from around the world; foreign trade and e-commerce professionals can conveniently access foreign e-commerce platforms and supplier websites; overseas shopping users can easily purchase foreign goods; developers and designers can easily access foreign development and design resources; and gamers can join overseas gaming communities. Jego can help users access a wider range of resources and information, improving their work and study efficiency and quality.

The Latest Kernel

Jego supports the latest Chrome browser kernel exclusively, which can solve the problem of Chrome extensions not updating automatically.

Free Access

You can access OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's series of products for free, including Google Search, Google Scholar, Google Translate, Gmail, and more, using Jego.